At Teamus, we know that in biotech, biomed and medical facilities there must be zero tolerance for microbial contaminates.

Using the latest technologies,  our highly trained Teamus members make 100% certain that cleanroom environments exceed the industry’s highest regulations for contamination control, cleanroom control, maintenance and safety in line with federal and ISO standards compliance.

Teamus has decades of experience helping medical device, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical, biotech, data center and semiconductor companies keep cleanrooms contamination free.



Maintaining your Office is more than just vacuuming and emptying trash cans each night.

Disinfecting surfaces using Green products can help prevent illnesses while being environmentally conscious.

Cleaning of hard to reach areas, all types of floor care, removal of stains, interior and exterior glass, pressure washing hard surfaces:  All things Teamus can do in order to keep your workspace working.


Post Construction Cleaning can make or break the first impression your client has of their new space.

At Teamus we know that time is always pressing at the end of your construction job, and that making your new work look it's best is paramount to presenting to inspectors, and ultimately, the end users of the space.

Whether it's high-rise, warehouse, office or mixed use, we make it shine, on-time and on-budget.